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More than a Century of Commitment to the Telecommunications Industry

The story of Comdial began when two employees of Chicago Bell Telephone formed a partnership in 1894. The business strategy of Alfred Stromberg and Androv Carlson was simple: they wanted to manufacture a better telephone. With the expiration of the patents on Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, about thirty independent companies sought to capture a piece of the market that Bell had dominated. Stromberg and Carlson created one such company.

The Farmer's Telephone

The Stromberg-CarlsonŽ phone became known as the "farmer's telephone," because it helped the American farmer by connecting towns and breaking down the harsh isolation of rural life. By the turn of the century, Stromberg-Carlson emerged as a leader among the independent telephone manufacturers. This was due to their reputation for stable prices, uncompromising quality, and a strong emphasis on quality workmanship.

The War Years

In 1904, Home Telephone Company, based in Rochester, NY, purchased Stromberg-Carlson and moved all operations to New York. World War I created a great demand for Stromberg-Carlson's phone equipment, so much so that all civilian business was put on hold during the war. During WWI, Stromberg-Carlson produced portable telephones and camp switchboards bital to the Signal Corp[s fighting in Europe. During World War II, the company increased production of advanced communications products, supplying switchboards, telephone instruments, field radio sets, and sound-powered systems to the U.S. Navy. After the war, with technology booming, the company expanded into the electronics industry. General Dynamics, a major defense supplier, became interested in the scientific abilities and electronic developments of Stromberg-Carlson. In 1955, the two companies merged, providing a wide range of products.

Back to Basic Telephony

During the 1960s, Stromberg-Carlson decided to concentrate on their traditional market: the U.S. independent telephone industry. They acquired the United States Instrument Corporation in Charlottesville, Virginia - a major manufacturer of telephone components. Soon, all telephone manufacturing divisions of Stromberg-Carlson/General Dynamics moved to Charlottesville. In 1982, a company at the forefront of research in telecommunications Comdial Corporation, purchased the Charlottesville facility from General Dynamics. This acquisition provided Comdial with a major product design and manufacturing operation with which to implement the technology they had developed.

The Sunshine State

In 1996, Comdial purchased Key Voice Technologies (KVT), an acknowledged leader in the voice processing industry. Based in Sarasota, Florida, KVT develops and manufactures a complete line of voice mail, automated attendant, fax processing and unified messaging products. All KVT voice products work with Comdial phone systems, as well as other manufacturers. In 2001, Comdial corporate headquarters re-located to Florida.

Today, Comdial remains dedicated to preserving the fundamental values that have brought us successfully into our second century of American-based telephony. With outstanding prices, integrity, and quality workmanship, we are committed to excellence in the field of telecommunications. We will continue to develop products both for today and for the networks of the future.